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Just like that, McGary put the passing skills he’s been so effusively praised for on display.

The rest of his night was filled with a beautiful blend of basketball basics that McGary makes look easy, a mixture of skills that someday could make the big man a steal.

Two minutes after throwing that pinpoint pass, McGary pulled down an offensive rebound in between two Grizzlies. When he couldn’t squeeze it in, he dove on the floor to save it as the ball squirted toward the baseline out of bounds line.

Say hello to his rebounding and hustle.

Still concerned about his surgically-repaired back?

McGary might have put those worries to rest midway through the second quarter, when he skied for another offensive rebound — notice a theme developing here — and was inadvertently undercut by a Grizzles defender. For a brief moment, McGary was horizontal, his back resting on the shoulders of said defender. McGary then hit the floor, but was able to brace himself before impact.

He sent a scare through the Thunder, as general manager Sam Presti and assistant general manager Troy Weaver, sitting side-by-side at the scorer’s table, ignored play as it went the other way and locked in on McGary as he rose to his feet. McGary stood, stretched and quickly shook it off before slowly retreating to the other end.

The old college injury, McGary said, never crossed his mind.

“My back feels great,” McGary insisted. “I only have one gear, and it’s all or nothing. So I’m just going to keep going. I didn’t feel anything in there that was holding me back or anything like that. I was just trying to help the team win.”

McGary hadn’t played in a real game since Dec. 14. He underwent back surgery on Jan. 7.

Under the circumstances, his summer league debut couldn’t have gone better. But maybe the layoff also explains McGary’s boundless energy.

Or maybe that’s just what we can expect of McGary every night.

“Hopefully every night,” McGary said, smiling. “I like to play with a lot of energy. I’m a hustle type of player. I like to pick the guys up, talk on defense and provide that extra bit of energy to get us going on offense.”

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