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Air y’all un Okie Redneck?
Yew mite beyun Okie Rednek if’n thar’s a stuffed posum anywhere ’n yer house.”

Jes like at, McGree put t'passyun' skills he’s bee so effusivelee praiset fer un display.

T' res o'his'n nite wuz fillt wit a beeyootiful blend o'basketball basics at McGree makes look easy, a mixture o'skills at sumdee could make t'big mun a steel.

Acoupla minnuts aft'r throwin at pinpoint pass, McGree pullt down un offensif' rebound n' tween acoupla Grizzlies. Wen he coultn’t rang it n', he dove un t'floer ta save it as t'ball skwirtid toward t'baseline out o'bounds line.

Say hello ta his'n reboundyun' an' hustle.

Still concernd about his'n surgicallee-repairet back?

McGree mite have put thems werries ta res midway through t'sekunt quart'r, wen he skiet fer anoth'r offensif' rebound — notice a theme developyun' here — an' wuz inadvertantlee undercut by a Grizzles defend'r. Fer a brief moment, McGree wuz herizontal, his'n back restyun' un t'shoulters o'sed defend'r. McGree the hit t'floer, but wuz bull ta brace hissef befor impact.

He sent a skeer through t'Thund'r, as genrull manjer Sam Presti an' assistant genrull manjer Troy Weev'r, sittin side-by-side at t'scer'r’s tabull, igneret play as it wint t'uther way an' locket n' un McGree as he rose ta his'n feet. McGree stood, stretcht an' quicklee shook it off befor slowlee retreetyun' ta t'uther end.

T' old college injury, McGree sed, nev'r crosset his'n mind.

“My back feels greet,” McGree insistid. “I onlee have one gear, an' it’s all er nuthin. So I’m jes goin ta keep goin. I didn’t feel innythang n' thar at wuz holdin me back er innythang like at. I wuz jes a'trine ta hep t'eam win.”

McGree hadn’t playd n' a real game since Dec. 14. He underwent back surgery un Jun. 7.

Und'r t'circumstances, his'n summ'r leegue debut coultn’t have gone bett'r. But maybe t'layoff also splains McGree’s boundless energy.

Er maybe at’s jes whut we a'ken eggspeck o'McGree ever nite.

“Hopefullee ever nite,” McGree sed, smileeun'. “I like ta play wit a slew o'energy. I’m a hustle type o'play'r. I like ta pick t'guys up, talk un defents an' provide at xtrey bit o'energy ta git us goin un offense.”

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Brang ta Y’all by
Still (Not at kindo still) Moe reedin’
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